Zaful Wishlist: Cool outfit for October

What’s up girls?

Are you enjoying the weather? Neither me! But the good part of this may be about styling different clothes for a different appearence.

I’ve started making some changes on my closet and of course, slowly i’m going to the winter cold style. Is time for sweaters and hooded pants to keep as warm. But even that is cold like hell, we, the gentle womens, we still could look awesome and fashionable.

For fashion, i like to take the pro advices and shop from online websites. One of my favorite shopping clothing websites is Zaful. This store has many fashion items and stock’s are changing daily to satisfy each taste. Recently they also started to sell fashion for mens and even that one is not bad at all.

Clothing are well made and there is a huge stock of items for any taste. I’ve reviewed again with many enthusiasm their stock and i’ve found, again, some really cool items.

On this season i like to combine different items, even the summer items to wear them like an autumn-winter outfit. Is all about creativity!

I’ve found some cool sweaters, warm and verry fashionable that i’ve fall imediatelly in love with.  The flare sleeve tops are verry trendy and this one, that i’ve just discovered, is available in many colours. I’ve found this pastel purple more suitable for me and i really dont have a purple sweater, so i gave him a try. Also, i’ve found the embroidery sweater wich i thing is amazing. All those details are perfect for a cute, elegant and stylish outfit. Those sweaters can be combined with legging, jeans or even with skirts, a pair of over knee boots and your are good to go.

Sweater 1:

Sweater 2:

Sweater 3:




If you are a more childish lover look, you could choose the cat sweater. It seems prety funny to me and i think is also warm and comfortable. Ps: Sometimes, you really need that casual simple look.

Also i have found a gorgeous lace dress. If is something that i love the moust from fashion, those are dresses. This dress i think is so unique and really perfect for an event.



I also like shorts and even the weather is not perfect for them, this white shorts with black embroidery took all my attention. Soon i will go to Italy and i whant a perfect warderobe. I added them on my cart and cannot wait to be stilish to my first Italy travel.



Have you checked the website Have you found anyhing? A surprise code like ZFEN applied on checkout could help you for more savings on your favorites. Cannot wait for some of those beauties to arrive and show them to you! Do not forget to let me know how was your last experience with Zaful.



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