Top 3 Blogger Picks on Yo.Me

First thing first, you should know what Yo.Me is. Well, Yo.Me is an online community full of peoples who are show their fashion taste or their oppinion about ordering on the main mother online store YoShop. Of course, if you are used to ispire yourself from bloggers, like fashion or technology bloggers, there may be a few who spread their experiences acoording to shopping online (including on YoShop), great looks and awesome tips to buy safe and be sattisfied.

This community has also a huge advantage: you can chose to join even that you are a shopper or a blogger and by posting frequently pictures with some detailed experiences, this may help you to me rewarded by the YoShop team with points and huge cupons for shopping.

This online store has everything you need to a good price. I’ve found out here alots of gadgets for a great blogger work but also great things and cheap from fashion and beauty. Also they provide Free Shipping on each order. This coud help you to save more money for the things you look. It seems great to me that i can find some great new stuffs, for all tastes, to an affordable price.

Wich are the most hunted YoShop items for me like blogger – Blogger Picks

For a good work online, the blogger must have some cool gadgets and great new items to present at least 1-2 times at week.

In my YoShop wishlist i have included a mid range phone wich i love it. has a great desing, midle range proprieties and look really awesome. This would fit perfect to my style and while i’m traveling i think i could do some amazing pictures with him. Is a new phone lunched in octomber last year and YoShop sell him to the lowest price that you could find. Dont worth to search somewere else couse you wont find better. Trust me!

Elephone s7 mini

My lattest love are the velvet boots. i whant this kind of shoes for a few times and i think i’ve found my favorite one on this store. They are verry fashion and looks really comfortable. Could you wear them?


I couldn’t forget about a new dress. They are my favoites for every season. Works great on each season: on winter with over knee boots, on spring and autumn with pumps or flats and on summer with heels or sandals. I’ve just discovered a really nice and simple black&white dress that i like.


So dont forget that YoShop have some great new stuffs to look for all the people worldwide. Besides, Yo.Me community is waiting for you to discover some great peoples and awesome rewards. See you there? Have you done your wishlist?



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